SPROUT is now accepting submissions through 6 February 2023 for Issue 3 with the theme of “Shade”. See the details of the call here.

issue 2: edge

As a way of looking at the intersections between people, nature, and cities, for SPROUT’s second issue we invited poets to think about the edges of the eco-urban. Specifically, we were interested in how poets interpreted what constitutes the edge (or edges) of city life with its marginalia, liminality, and transitional spaces.


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With SPROUT, we are curating a space for trans- and multi-disciplinary collaborations between poets, researchers, and citizens with a focus on geographical diversity, polyvocality, and translation. We are a creative project of The Nature of Cities, specifically interested in the character of green cities from many ways of knowing. We want to expand our understanding of who/what ‘speaks’ for a city and explore how nature shapes urban spaces. Focusing on poetry and poetic expression, SPROUT will structure engagement and exchange at the interface of cities and nature

SPROUT aims to create a space that will:

  • traverse intersections between poet, urban space, and the ecological;

  • broaden our understanding of the ways in which humans and ecological spaces affect and effect each other across urban gradients around the globe; and,

  • establish new ways of seeing, being, and meaning-making via all forms and modes of poetic expression, practice, and engagement.

We encourage experimentation – in and across language(s); in and through text; and, in, around, and beyond form.

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